To provide children and adults in every community with educational experiences in the performing and fine arts; from classics to original works.



PDM Productions, Inc is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose goal is to go into any community in Central Virginia and create opportunities for artists, schools, businesses, faith based organizations, families and other charitable organizations  to come together to participate in every aspect of learning and creating, that is provided in one of our performance workshops, full length ballets or theatrical productions.


The workshop experiences, depending on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, will help in developing life skills on a variety of levels. They will be one weekend or longer; depending on the need or the interest. The learning experiences could be in photography, writing, dance, music, scene design, sewing, sculpting, drawing, or any other related discipline. All workshops will be open to children and adults from any community (ages will be specified at the time of the event).

The workshops will culminate in the style of a performance. Some of the works, regardless of the discipline, will be integrated into one of the full-length original theatrical productions. Importantly, PDM Productions, Inc. will not be able to have the workshops without community and corporate sponsors, partners, school, families and faith based organization support.  They can and will be cancelled at any time if there is not enough support from the community in which the event is taking place.


Whether a classical ballet, classic musical or drama, an original work in dance or theatre, all of PDM’s full length production will have open auditions to anyone, from any community, regardless of the community in which the event is taking place. (Age requirements will be specified at the time of the audition).

We do not have a studio or central theatre from which to operate, so it will be imperative that the communities’ artists, schools, businesses, families and faith based organizations  in which the production is taking place, take an active role in the success of the project. This will also be necessary because an important aspect of creating original works will be the use of local and regional musicians, lyricists, writers, choreographers, painters, designers, seamstresses, and artists of all kinds; with a variety of age groups. This will include using the work(s) of the winner (s) of our continuing education scholarship awards. Each winner will have their vision included in an original musical based on the vision of the winner of the writing contest.

Speaking of visions, a signature work of PDM Productions is “The Nutcracker Sweet”. It was one of the catalysts for the formation of the organization. It will be an annual event. It will be an opportunity for those who have often dreamed, or had a small desire, or have ever wondered what it would be like to perform in a classical ballet, but never thought they would have the chance. Well, now the opportunity is here, and will be one among many for anyone who is willing.


PDM will have many opportunities for financial support through scholarships. We believe that there is much to be gained in one’s character development by working hard and not only earning but paying your way to achieve goals.


Winners chosen from our continuing education scholarship awards in photography, writing, dance, music, scene design, drawing, or related disciplines, could receive up to $1000.00 and have their work included in the creation of an original musical. (The Continuing Education Scholarships are awarded to those age 9yrs and older.) The amount of the scholarships and financial aid is determined by the financial resources available, as well as what has been stipulated by a donor or grantor. The sum total of $1000 is the maximum amount of an award unless otherwise stipulated by the sponsor. nike air max 90 damen nike air max 90 damen